Black Beard


BlackBeard is everything good about spiced rum, made better! Own the Beard. Be the Legend.

donq-bottle (1).pngAs the pre-eminent producer of the base rum for some of the best-selling spiced rums in the world, the Serrallés family of Puerto Rico now produces Black Beard Spiced Rum.

The inspiration for our spiced rum begins with an infamous pirate. Of all the pirates that made the Caribbean and the Atlantic their home, none was more notorious or feared than Blackbeard. His intimidating appearance, plundering ways, and weaponry were unforgettable. It’s just this “over the top” Blackbeard style that provides the spirit to our spiced rum!

Much like Blackbeard’s awe-inspiring appearance, the rich aggressive vanilla flavors and aromas assault your senses immediately. Followed by an arsenal of nutmeg, cinnamon and tropical fruits. A blend of rums aged at least 18 months in American white oak barrels.

In the spirit of Blackbeard’s fearless persona, our spiced rum has a 43% alcohol per volume.