A super-premium white rum with the depth and character of an aged rum.

donq-bottle (1).pngCaliche Rum is the product of the collaboration between iconic, sixth-generation rum maker Roberto Serrallés and renowned hospitality impresario, Rande Gerber. Both shared the passion for crafting a super-premium white rum unlike any other on the market.

Caliche is a type of limestone, a sedimentary rock, which cements together other materials, including gravel, sand, clay and silt. Caliche is found worldwide, particularly around the distillery in Ponce, Puerto Rico and is a material traditionally used in the refining of sugar.

The term Caliche is Spanish and is originally from the Latin calx, meaning lime. We have chosen this name because such is considered a foundation that brings things together. Caliche is the foundation that combines the super-premium white rum category with the confection of the best tasting cocktails.

The Caliche Rum logo symbolizes the spirit of discovery that led to the creation of this brand and the two forces that joined in the process. The logo is divided into four parts, showing the four cardinal directions: north, south, east and west; elements that are critical in the process of navigation and discovery.

The body is a mythological creature half dragon, half snake. The snake represents rebirth and creativity. The dragon is associated with wisdom and magical powers similar to those employed in the making of a fine aged rum. The mythological creature wraps itself around the compass of discovery creating unity between these two elements. The two sides of one coin.

Most white rums are produced from products very light in composition. Some white rums are not aged at all. This rum has heavy components, several years of aging, but the purposely slow blending and processing that takes days, gives the rum a very smooth characteristic. There is a balance of sweet, bitter and warmth.

A masterful blend of rums aged from 3 to 5 years in American white oak barrels and Solera aged rums aged up to 20 years old.