Our Story


Hacienda Teresa

At the beginning of the nineteenth century Sebastián Serrallés, Spaniard from the Catalonian region of Spain, settled in Ponce, Puerto Rico and founded Hacienda Teresa.


Hacienda Mercedita

Juan Serrallés, son of Sebastián Serrallés, founded in 1861 Hacienda Mercedita, in honor of Mercedes, his wife.


First casks of rum

The Serrallés rum history begins in 1865 when Juan Serrallés produced in Hacienda Mercedita his first casks of rum using a still he had imported from France.


Castillo Serrallés

Don Juan Serrallés’ son, Juan Eugenio Serrallés completes the construction of Castillo Serrallés on a hill overlooking Ponce. The estate serves as the family headquarters for 70 years.


Don Q brand

The Don Q brand is launched for the general marketplace. The Brand is named for Don Quixote, the famous literary character from the family’s favorite novel. Just as Don Quixote represents the search for a perfect world, Don Q signifies the family’s quest for perfection in rum.


Destilería Serrallés, Inc.

A new distillery is built with the most modern equipment to be incorporated to be known today as Destilería Serrallés, Inc.


Piña Colada

In the Caribe Hilton hotel bar, the world famous Piña Colada, was created by Ramon "’Monchito" Marrero, for which it was used as an original ingredient with Don Q Rum.


Don Q Cristal

Don Q Cristal is launched. A new generation of white rum, with a delicate crystal aroma and smooth flavor.


The Fifth Generation of the Serrallés Family in Puerto Rico

140 years, after that first rum distillation, the fifth generation of the Serrallés Family in Puerto Rico, Mr. Felix Juan Serrallés, Jr., presides over the leading company in sales and distribution of rum in Puerto Rico.


Leaders in Puerto Rico

Destilería Serrallés Inc.; buys all brands and active ones of Puerto Rico Distillers, a subsidiary of Seagrams, consolidating their leadership in Puerto Rico.


New Revolutionary Package

Don Q Cristal re-launches a new revolutionary package, in which it deserves the Pyramid Award, granted by its Excellency in its design. Don Q Cristal not only was the first rum using an adhesive label using “pressure sensitive”; but also was the first rum to include an unfilled cap in its package. That same year, Don Q Cristal was selected as a finalist for “Top Marketing Award" of the Association of Sales and Marketing in Puerto Rico.


Don Q Limón

Destilería Serrallés Inc, launches a new rum with low flavor by the name of Don Q Limón, receiving the award of Excellence in Quality of the “Association of Products in Puerto Rico”.


The Ponce Hilton & Casino

Destilería Serrallés Inc, acquires The Ponce Hilton & Casino, diversifying its business in the real estate industry, solidifying it's commitment with the development of the Puerto Rican tourism industry.


Casa Don Q

The touristic pavilion Casa Don Q, inaugurates in the port zones for the cruise ships in Old San Juan.


“Manufacturer of the Year”

Destilería Serrallés Inc; is once again, recognized the award as “Manufacturer of the Year”. This award is granted by the Chamber of Wholesale Merchants of Puerto Rico”.


Serrallés USA

Serrallés launches its U.S.A. headquarters in Irving, Texas.


BlackBeard Spiced Rum

BlackBeard Spiced Rum landed on U.S. shores.


5 Star Diamond Award

Don Q Gran Añejo is the first and only rum to receive the "5 Star Diamond Award" of The American Academy of Hospitality Science.


Caliche Rum

Creators Roberto Serrallés and Rande Gerber introduce Caliche Rum. A super premium white rum distilled five times for clarity and purity.